The Adult Literacy and Essential Skills Research Institute (ALESRI) in the Centre for Excellence in Foundational Learning (CEFL) at Bow Valley College promotes critical inquiry, applied research and innovation in the field of foundational learning (adult literacy, basic education, upgrading and essential skills). ALESRI along with community partners developed Read Forward an adult reading assessment resource, informally referenced to the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS) and aligned with another ALESRI project, the Alberta Reading Benchmarks.

writeforward is our latest literacy focused formative assessment project.

This tool is designed to complement your writing curriculum and assessment in programs such as literacy, basic education, upgrading, GED, apprenticeship, essential skills, workplace and college.

writeforward is aligned with Level 1 and Level 2 of the ESDC Literacy and Essential Skills framework. The complexity levels, contexts and categories of tasks are all referenced to this framework.



Production of this resource has been made possible through financial support from the Government of Canada’s Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), Bow Valley College, and the Government of Alberta’s Aboriginal & Community Connections, Alberta Advanced Education.

Government of Canada

Government of Alberta

Bow Valley College

Lorene Anderson
Patricia Pryce
Berniece Gowan
Sandra Loschnig

Candice Jackson

Rim Schewczyk
Samra Admasu

Advisory Committee
Chris Harwood
David Slomp
Dorothy Franklin
Marcie Cherniak
Paul Brinkhurst
Suzanne Robinson

Kathy Dirk
Samra Admasu

Video Production
Tyler Bourne
Damien Mustaphi


Thank you to all of the provincial and national adult literacy and essential skills practitioners who so generously contributed their knowledge and time in the development of this assessment resource. It is stronger because of you.

We also acknowledge the support of various people and departments within Bow Valley College including Academic Innovation and Applied Research, Human Resources, Business Information and Finance and the Centre for Excellence in Foundational Learning.

We recognize the early leadership of both Robin Houston-Knopff and Audrey Gardner and project management by Deanna Jager.