Exercise and Rubric Booklets

The Exercise and Rubric Booklets contain all 57 of the writeforward exercises, each with its own customized rubric. Level 1 exercises are  divided into 3 sub levels (Level 1A,1B,1C) and level 2 exercises into 2 sub levels (Level 2A,2B).

The customized rubric is designed to aid the practitioner in assessing the writing exercise, in guiding the conversation about the writing exercise with the learner, and in providing feedback about skill strengths and gaps to the learner. The design of the rubric emphasizes that learners approach writing with prior knowledge and experience. Drawing that knowledge and experience forward helps scaffold writing skills and strategies.

The Video: Getting to Know the writeforward Rubric and Rubric Descriptors explains how to use the writeforward rubrics and how to have that very important feedback discussion with the learner.

The Exercise and Rubric booklets include the Master Rubric and the Rubric Descriptors to use when you are making your own exercises.

A reminder: You may want to refer to Exercise and Rubric Samples  where you will find the Quick Start for Completing a Writing Exercise.





List of writeforward Exercises


Exercise and Rubric Booklets